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Cindy graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from the University of New Haven in 2007 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Thomas Floyd in Stony Brook Medicine's Department of Anesthesiology, before joining the Shroyer/Escobar-Hoyos lab in 2016.  Her research is focused on the identification of strategies to therapeutically target Keratin 17 in pancreatic cancer, based on its roles as a nuclear shuttle for p27 and other targets, through which K17 promotes tumor aggression. She is also working with Dr. Nashaat Turkman to develop novel small molecular inhibitors to disrupt K17's effects in cancer.


Awards and recent presentations: First place poster competition, Stony Brook Medicine Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium (January 2018). Platform seminar, Stony Brook Cancer Center, Targeting K17 in pancreatic cancer (July 2018). Poster presentation, American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting on pancreatic cancer (September 2018).



Cindy's ScieENcv

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