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Danielle graduated with a BS in Cellular & Molecular Biology, Neuroscience from Tulane University in 2012 and is curretnly a 6th year MSTP student in the graduate program in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at Stony Brook Medicine. Her thesis project is to investigate the factors driving K17 expression in a subset of highly aggressive, treatment-resistant cases of PDAC. She is particularly interested in investigating mechanisms through which the inflammatory microenvironment drives tumor aggression via K17 over-expression. To achieve this, she is using biochemical approaches and leveraging the expertise of SB Medicine’s Department of Bioinformatics to develop image analysis pipelines that will characterize the inflammatory infiltrate by multiplexed immunohistochemical studies of PDAC tissue. Results will inform studies aiming to shut down K17 expression, advancing our goal of increasing patient survival.



Awards and Recent Presentations: Platform seminar, Stony Brook Center Research Retreat, Imaging, Bioinformatics and Engineering Science, Multiplexed IHC and Deep Learning to Define Interactions between Biomarkers and Immune Microenvironment: Keratin 17 in Pancreatic Cancer (July 2018). Posters: First place poster, Stony Brook University Pharmacology Annual Fall Symposium (September 2018); American Association for Cancer Research, Pancreatic Cancer: Advances in Science and Clinical Care (September 2018)



Danielle’s ScieENcv

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