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Taryn is a fourth year medical student at Stony Brook University, who previously graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from James Madison University, and a Master’s of Science in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University. She began working in the Shroyer/Escobar-Hoyos lab as part of the School of Medicine’s Scholarly Concentrations Program, Research-Focused Track in 2017. In her earlier work, she contributed to biochemical studies to understand Keratin 17 pro-tumor functions. Her current work focuses on validating Keratin 17 as a negative prognostic biomarker in pancreatic cancer via immunohistochemistry and on understanding the relationship of Keratin 17 with the inflammatory tumor microenvironment. She is looking forward to a future residency in Internal Medicine, where she hopes to continue translational research investigating the prognosis and management of critically ill patients.

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